How do I become Estate Sale savvy?

 Join our email list to keep up to date on upcoming sales, special events, and featured items. Get a glimpse of items for sale and get a jump on being the first in line to buy!  

Do you charge anything to meet with us?

Our consultation with you is free of charge. If we determine that an estate sale is not in your best interest, we will provide you with guidance by recommending other alternatives.  

What do I need to do to prepare for the sale?

When the time comes to sell your estate, we will handle everything and make the process easy for you. It's best that you leave the sorting, cleaning, and organizing to us. Also, please refrain from discarding or donating any items prior to the sale. Frequently, everyday household items that the owner did not perceive had value, add greatly to the profitability of the sale. The only thing you need to do is to identify what you'd like to keep.   

How is the sale promoted?

We take pictures of key items. These digital images, along with a long list of your items, are placed on to our website and used in e-mail promotions to our large list of repeat customers. We also advertise your sales on estatesales.net, giving it exposure to thousands of people. And to cover our bases, we post signs in your neighborhood and on busy nearby streets to direct motorists to your sale.